G425 Irons & Crossovers from Ping

The re-engineered variable thickness face of the G425 irons is similar in concept to that used in woods. G425 Crossovers are substitutes for hybrids and long irons. Fast Facts G425 Irons: Variable thickness face Downsized head Tungsten toe screw and hosel weight Perimeter weighting Hydropearl finish 5-iron 25°, pitching wedge 47° Arccos Smart Grip $125 each [...]

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Apex 21 Irons from Callaway

The Apex 21 update of the popular iron family takes advantage of Callaway Golf’s A.I.-design capability and adds the game-improvement DCB to the Standard and Pro models. Fast Facts: Apex 21 Irons Players-distance category iron Forged 1025 mild carbon steel construction A.I.-designed face cup Tungsten weighting Urethane microspheres 5-iron loft 23.5°, pitching wedge loft 43° Stock [...]

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Srixon Intros ZX Irons

Srixon’s new ZX irons, the ZX5 and ZX7, were designed using sophisticated computer software combined with the company’s years of experience making high performance clubs. Fast Facts Srixon ZX5 irons: Game improvement category irons Forged 1025 steel body Forged Sup10 stainless steel face Milled pattern cavity back Tungsten toe weight Progressive grooves by loft V-shaped sole [...]

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The Latest from Wilson–Staff Model CB Irons

Wilson Golf expands their line of better-player category irons with the forged Staff Model CBs that offer a sophisticated multi-material cavity back construction. Fast Facts Wilson Staff Model CB irons: Cavity back better-player irons Forged 8620 carbon steel nickel chrome plated Triangular stabilizer connecting toe, topline and heel 20-gram tungsten toe weight mid and long irons [...]

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Cobra’s Got a Great Idea with these MIM Irons

Cobra King Tour Irons The new King Tour players category irons from Cobra Golf are Metal Injection Molded rather than cast or forged as are all other conventional irons. Fast Facts Cobra King Tour irons: Cavity back players category irons Metal Injection Molded Thermoplastic polyurethane insert Tungsten toe weight Cobra Connect swing/shot data tracking Stock shaft: [...]

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X Forged CB Irons from Callaway

X Forged CB Irons from Callaway Golf are a multi-material forged players performance category model with a large cavity back Fast Facts X Forged CB Irons: Forged 1025 mild carbon steel body MIM’d tungsten weighting True Temper Project X IO (Individually Optimized) steel shafts Mitsubishi MMT (Metal Mesh Technology) graphite shafts Golf Pride’s Z Grip – [...]

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Callaway’s Apex MB Irons

Callaway Golf updates the two-year-old Apex irons with the Apex MB, a classic players category forged blade muscleback iron. Fast Facts Apex MB Traditional compact muscleback blade Thin topline beveled sole Rear weight Callaway’s 20V design grooves Chrome finish Available October 29 $185 each steel shafts, $200 each graphite shafts $1,285 for a 7-piece set steel, [...]

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More CNCPT Irons from Titleist

Titleist has added to the premium priced CNCPT line two new players-distance category irons, the CP-03 and CP-04, joining the CP-02 blades first seen last year. Fast Facts CNCPT CP-03 irons: Muscle back hollow head Progressive profile Minimum offset Tungsten weighting 5-iron 25°, pitching wedge 48° $500 per club (3-iron through pitching wedge) Fast Facts CNCPT [...]

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Honma Golf: TR21X New Distance Iron

ORLANDO, Florida – A new distance iron from Honma Golf, the TR21X model, is targeted at players ranging in skill level from professionals to mid-handicappers. Fast Facts Honma TR21X Irons: Blade-like look Foam filled hollow body Internal tungsten weight L-cup face $188 per club NSPro 95 NEO steel shafts $212 Sakata VIZARD graphite shafts Honma has [...]

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Honma TR20B irons – They Are Really Putting a Push on for More Market Share

Honma TR20B Blades Honma Golf expands its lineup with the announcement of the TR20B model blade irons for professionals and low handicap amateurs. Fast Facts Honma TR20B irons: Better players traditionally shaped forged blades S20C carbon steel Center of gravity near center of face Thin topline Progressive bounce 5-iron 26°, pitching wedge 46° Nippon Modus3 120 [...]

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