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KlockIt Golf

Klockitgolf’s golf training device is the perfect tool for building power and consistency. Improve your form and drive to become the best golfer you can be! There’s a little birdie out there saying there’s a better way to improve your drive

Cold Weather Golf Gear

As crazy as it sounds, golf is played in most of the U.S. throughout the winter. Sure, golfers in Maine, North Dakota, and a fistful of other extreme northern states must shut it down for a few months. With the proper apparel (and perhaps a wee bit of Scotch), golfers almost anywhere can enjoy the pursuit of par no matter what the mercury says.


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Eagle Ridge Golf Club

Eagle Ridge Golf Club, located in Del Webb’s Spruce Creek C.C., about ninety minutes Northwest of Orlando has provided Summerfield and the Villages’ residents a premier golf experience since 1999. There are four distinct 9-hole golf courses located here for your enjoyment: Champions, Memorial, Masters, and Heritage. 


Miura MC-502 Irons

The new MC-502 (muscle cavity) irons from Miura Golf replace the previous MC-501 model; they are designed and manufactured in Japan by Miura who subscribe to the idea of introducing a new model only when a measurable improvement is available.

Sea Trail

Sea Trail’s three golf courses – William Byrd Course, Rees Jones Course, and the Dan Maples Course – are well-designed, fair, fun, and player friendly.  Very few golf destinations are like Sea Trail, which have three top-notch 18-hole courses in one location.  Locals simply refer to the three courses as the Bryd, Jones, and the Maples.


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Seminole Legacy

Seminole Legacy – A Nicklaus Legacy Design That’s Tops in the State. There are a growing number of golfers who feel that Florida is the Golf Capital of the US. Golfers from up north flock to the Sunshine State every winter to bask in the warmth and keep their golf game alive for when they return home

4 Ways to Help Your Child Love Golf in 2022 and Beyond

Help Your Child Love Golf: While many golf traditions remain today, a more relaxed and expanded definition of what golf is has helped to modernize the experience. This has greatly increased the popularity of the sport and increased the number of people that call themselves golfers. With the positive momentum and growth, golf has seen in recent years, there remains a mind-boggling number of individuals that are currently “non-golfers” that say they are “very interested” in playing the game.

TrueEnergy Socks

TRUEENERGY is a line of truly functional socks powered by NASA-inspired infrared technology in the form of nanoparticles woven right into the yarn.

PGA Tour/LIV Golf Brouhaha

PGA Tour-LIV Controversy—An Adult in the Room. "There's a few things that I would like to see on the LIV side that needs to happen," McIlroy said. "I think Greg [Norman] needs to go."

St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort

The St. Regis Bahia Beach blends elegance and unspoiled natural beauty to create a place of harmonic bliss and adventure in equal measure. 'Bahia' translates in English to a small arm of shoreline that curves inward, which is what the three-mile stretch of private beach does.