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OnCore’s Tour-Level VERO X2

OnCore Golf released its critically-acclaimed 2022 ELIXR back in May, and now the Buffalo, N.Y.-based technology company is at it again. In August it will unveil the highly-anticipated VERO X2, and early results and reviews indicate it’s a Tour-caliber ball to be reckoned with.

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El Camino Bag by Sunday Golf

El Camino, a new midsize, lightweight golf stand bag for minimalist golfers by Sunday Golf. The new El Camino bag fits ten clubs comfortably in a compact design for players who want a smaller, functional carrying option compared to a standard size stand bag. The El Camino bag weighs less than four pounds and features a four way-divider, full length dividers, frosty pocket for beverages, embroidable ball pocket, and a self balancing double strap amongst it’s many features.

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Roka Sunglasses

ROKA Sunglasses - Wrapped in GEKO, the core wire fit system ensures unmatched security, retention and comfort for every athlete. Featuring world class C3 lens and lens coatings and simple lens interchangeability, the TL Series delivers an uncompromising sport frame for any sport. ROKA TL Series are truly sunglasses made better than others.

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