Bushnell has introduced the Phantom 3 Slope, an upgrade of the previous Phantom 2, now with slope compensated yardages for 38,000 preloaded courses plus an easier to read touch screen display.

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Phantom 3 Slope Handheld GPS DMD


In time for Father’s Day for those who like the convenience on the course of a handheld GPS distance measuring device Bushnell has announced an improved version of their Phantom 2. Battery life of the new model is four hours or roughly one round less than the old and the price is $20 higher.

The offset is having a DMD that measures distance and compensates for the amount terrain goes up or down hill. This can mean a huge difference in club selection, for example clearing a front bunker when the green is 15 feet above the fairway. In our opinion that alone makes the difference in price worthwhile.

“Our mission at Bushnell Golf is to create accurate, easy-to-use distance measuring devices for golfers of all levels, and the Phantom 3 Slope does exactly that,” said Nathan Duke, Bushnell Golf Global Product Manager. “With an upgraded touchscreen featuring intuitive UI and slope compensated distances, the new Phantom 3 is packed with all of Bushnell Golf’s latest innovations and is the perfect addition to our GPS product lineup.”

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