Sun Mountain has introduced a stand bag and cart bag under the WeatherMax name that in addition to being well-designed are made with a new fabric with high resistance to water and UV damage.

Fast Facts Sun Mountain WeatherMax Bags


Sun Mountain Weathermax Stand Bag

Stand Bag

  • 4-way 9-inch top
  • Full-length apparel, valuables & 7 other pockets
  • Dual strap
  • Weight 5.1 lbs.
  • Four color choices
  • $359.99


Sun Mountain Weathermax Cart Bag

Cart Bag

  • 14 divider 10.5-inch top
  • 2 full-length apparel, 4 water resistant & 7 other pockets
  • Single strap
  • Weight 8.6 lbs.
  • Five color choices
  • $439.99


It happened to all of us. Buy a new bag at the beginning of the season and by Labor Day it’s so faded from the sun you are almost ashamed to be seen with it. Well, Sun Mountain has two new bags, one stand, and one cart, using a fabric specially made to be highly resistant to UV and also water resistant.

Both are lightweight for getting in and out of the trunk and the stand bag has a special base design to ensure the two legs will extend and contract easily.

Sun Mountain CEO, Ed Kowachek said, “WeatherMax has a history of developing performance fabrics for outdoor uses like deck furniture, awnings, and covers for boats. The fabric Sun Mountain selected is highly UV and water-resistant. Ultimately, it is durable. In other words, it is perfect for a golf bag!”