Three new fairway wood models under the TSR brand have been announced by Titleist. They address the needs of different types of players and all feature weight distribution encouraging high launch with added forgiveness.

Fast Facts Titleist TSR Fairway Woods

Open hosel for reduced weight and deeper CG
Face-centered center of gravity
Stock shafts: Hzrdus Red CB, Tensei AV Blue, Hzrdus Black, Tensei 1k Black
Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Available Sept. 23, 2022, $349

Titleist TSR2 Fairway Wood

  • Game-improvement category
  • High launch mid spin
  • Carpenter stainless steel head
  • Adjustable sole weight

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Wood

  • Better-player category
  • 13° loft only
  • Mid/high launch mid spin
  • Carpenter stainless steel head
  • Adjustable sole weight

Titleist TSR3 Fairway Wood

  • Better-player category
  • Mid/high launch low spin
  • 5-position movable sole weight


The latest fairway woods from Titleist deserve a couple of comments. As was true with the price increase in the TSR Driver, compared with the previous models the prices of the TSR Fairway Woods are $50 higher, $349 versus $299. In today’s golf equipment market that is in line with anticipated changes from other makers.

Note the TSR 2+ has a wider profile and being available with only a 13° loft it can be thought of as a driver with lots of loft suitable for high swing speed players. Also interesting is the TSR3 has a movable rear weight with a design making use of a rail with five positions which means shifting the tendency for ball curvature from straight to a fade bias to a draw bias will be easy and quick.

In the press release for the new TSR Fairway Woods Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing was quoted, “Our number one goal was to optimize the CG (Center of Gravity), and it is now as low as it has ever been on a Titleist fairway metal. The lower the CG, the higher the launch. We want to get the weight down, so the golfer can get the ball up. By lowering the CG in each model through our Open Hosel Construction, we also improved the overall performance, including speed, launch angle, spin, flight, feel and forgiveness. Golfers want to see the golf ball get up in the air with their fairway metal, and with the new TSR we achieved that goal.”

You’ll notice that the label for Titleist’s new TSR series of non-drivers I have used is “Fairway Woods” though the company has tagged them “Fairway Metals” or just plain “Fairways.” When writing about this type of metal-headed club primarily not used off the tee I can sometimes force myself to type just plain “Fairways” but my fingers all but refuse to peck out Fairway Metals…so there, I’m old-fashioned and admit it and at the same time understanding that may put me out of step with many of you.