Previously launched in Japan, Honma’s new T//World GS (Gain Speed) family of game improvement category clubs for men and women is now available in the U.S. replacing the XP-1 line. The new family includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons.

Fast Facts Honma T//World GS Driver

  • Game improvement 460cc titanium Ti811 head driver
  • Variable thickness titanium crown
  • Sole slot larger towards toe & heel
  • Sole enlarged towards heel adding draw bias
  • Titanium Ti 6-4 variable thickness face
  • Crown graphic positioned towards heel
  • 9-gram adjustable sole weight
  • Non-rotating adjustable hosel
  • Stock shaft: Honma SpeedTuned 55 gram
  • Available now $499


Honma reports the game-improvement XP-1 family introduced in 2019 sold well and now they have been supplanted by the updated GS series first seen in Japan. One of the features of the GS driver that immediately is apparent is the unusually shaped sole slot. Other makers use sole slots that are generally symmetrical in shape but to help with off center impacts Honma decided to increase the size of the GS’s slot towards both the toe and heel to provide more flex to the face should contact not be in the center of the face.

This should help in preserving ball speed as well as decrease ball spin and straighten out potential shot curvature.

“In much the way the TR20 and TR21 lines we launched last year delivered exquisite design for unrivaled performance for mid to low handicappers, The GS line brings a rewarding combination of technology for golfers attracted to game-improvement clubs. Everything about the new GS line of drivers, fairways, hybrids, and irons shouts speed, consistency and confidence,” says Honma’s Vice President of Marketing Brad Holder.

The T//World GS family includes fairway woods ($249), hybrids ($219) and irons ($200 each graphite, $175 each steel) making use of similar design principles as the driver including the sole slot which Honma has tagged Flip Slot Technology.