Two new iron series from Tour Edge Golf, the game-improvement category Exotics E722 and Exotics C722 in the better-player category, have been introduced complimenting the previous announced Exotics 722 woods and hybrids.

Fast Fact Exotics 722 Irons


  • Game-improvement category irons
  • Cavity back 360° undercut
  • Thermoplastic urethane filler
  • Toe weighting
  • Face interior 103 diamond shaped areas
  • Lofts: 5-iron 21.5°, pitching wedge 42°
  • At retail March 5, 2022, $99.99 each steel shafts, $114.99 graphite shafts


  • Players-distance category irons
  • 2-piece cast body
  • Hollow compact sized head
  • Thermoplastic urethane filer
  • Forged maraging steel face
  • Face interior 92 diamond shaped areas
  • Lofts: 5-iron 23°, pitching wedge 44°
  • At retail March 5, 2022, $129.99 each steel shafts, $144.99 graphite shafts


As with the Exotics 722 metalwoods and hybrids introduced last week Tour Edge has made two different variations, the E and C, of these new irons meant for players with different needs and skill levels. The E722 (E is for Extreme) has a larger head with a thicker topline and more offset which promotes a descending blow on the ball. The lofts are comparatively strong adding to the iron’s distance potential, but with the weighting low in the clubhead recreational players are still able to achieve the nice high launch everyone wants.

Exotics C722C (C is for Competition) can accurately be called a “classic” iron shape. The body, cast in two pieces of 17-4 stainless steel, is hollow and urethane-filled with the maraging steel face plasma welded in place. Because the face is so strong it could be made thinner to take further advantage of the Diamond Face VFT Technology Tour Edge developed. The interior of the face is a variable thickness as determined by 92 diamond shaped areas that the company says, “act as mini-trampolines.” The sweet spot is therefore larger and able to generate higher ball speeds.

Tour Edge founder and President David Glod was quoted in the press release announcing the new irons, “We’ve made the tour-popular C722 Iron 15% smaller than the previous iteration with a thinner top-line and shorter blade length, while raising the launch profile and expanding the sweet spot on the E722 Iron.”