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Tour Edge Template Series Putters

Tour Edge has broadened its putter offering with the Template Series, each with a center of gravity and moment of inertia optimized for that particular shaped head. The first Template series was a hit due both to their performance and relatively low price point. The 2023 series is in keeping with company founder David Glod’s long-time strategy of providing clubs to recreational players with the latest design, materials, and technology at reasonable prices.

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Tour Edge Hot Launch 523 Club Series

Tour Edge has announced the seventh version of the Hot Launch family in two flavors, the game-improvement C523, and super game-improvement E523 models, at golfer-friendly prices while stressing custom-fitting by authorized retailers.

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Tour Edge Wingman 700 putters

our Edge recasts their putter offering with six mallets in the 700 series with something for everyone and they explained the 700 series is the result of two years of work making improvements to the original Wingman models.

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