Tour Edge Template Series Putters

Tour Edge has broadened its putter offering with the Template Series, each with a center of gravity and moment of inertia optimized for that particular shaped head. The first Template series was a hit due both to their performance and relatively low price point. The 2023 series is in keeping with company founder David Glod’s long-time strategy of providing clubs to recreational players with the latest design, materials, and technology at reasonable prices.

The choice of PVD finishes (silver or black) complements the CNC milled Micro-Grooves, which are 20% deeper plus wider than the earlier Templates to generate topspin quickly after impact. It also helps with the Template’s feel and the heads are made from the softest stainless steel available.

“The new Template putter series has taken leaps and bounds in the look and feel department,” said Glod. “This putter line combines today’s technology with designs and perfectly blends classic putter  the two, just like what Template golf holes are designed to do in course architecture.”

The Template name comes from using a template golf hole in golf course architecture. Template holes were first utilized by course architect C.B. Macdonald. As a course designer, he spent his early years in Chicago and instituted about 20 different template holes, basing them on holes from well-known courses like St. Andrews, Prestwick, and North Berwick.

Tour Edge has an update of the Template putter series with four new designs and three modified shapes, including mallets, mid-mallets, and blades, with the names coming from golf holes designed by famed architect C.B. MacDonald.

Fast Facts Tour Edge Template Series Putters

  • 304 Stainless steel heads
  • Silver or black PVD finish
  • CNC milled micro-grooved face
  • Stock grip: Lamkin Deep Etched Pistol
  • Alps-mallet, double bend hosel
  • Biarritz—mallet, double bend face balance hosel
  • Eden—blade, plumber’s neck hosel
  • Maiden—mid-mallet, plumber’s neck hosel
  • Narrows—Winged mid-mallet, slant neck hosel
  • Narrows CS—Winged mid-mallet, center shaft
  • Punchbowl—mallet, plumber’s neck hosel
  • Valley—mid-mallet, plumber’s neck hosel
  • Available Nov. 1, 2023
  • MSRP $129.99

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