HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — SRIXON, a global leader in golf ball technology and innovation, announces the all-new Z-STAR DIAMOND golf ball.

Brooks Koepka“Z-STAR DIAMOND is a game-changer for me,” said Brooks Koepka. “This golf ball was a major driver in joining Srixon and it’s been a seamless transition. The performance is really impressive, and I feel confident heading into the new tour season.”

The new Z-STAR DIAMOND was one of the primary factors in bringing new Team Srixon staffer Brooks Koepka on board. Koepka, a four-time major winner, found that the Z-STAR DIAMOND worked perfectly for his desired launch and spin conditions, and immediately put the ball in play at Capital One’s The Match on November 26th.

“By working closely with our global Tour staff, we created the Z-STAR DIAMOND ball as an enhancement to our premium Tour lineup,” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development at Srixon. “The Z-STAR DIAMOND is something of a best-of-both-worlds type product, blending many of the benefits of our two current models. Like the Z-STAR XV, the Z-STAR DIAMOND produces really good ball speed and distance. But thanks to a slightly thicker cover, the Z-STAR DIAMOND features exceptional spin and control on approach shots.”

With a blend of greenside control and long-game distance, the new Z-STAR DIAMOND also delivers the unique benefit of increased spin on long and mid-iron shots. The Z-STAR DIAMOND is the ideal ball for high-speed players looking to hold the green from anywhere on the course.

The foundation of the Z-STAR DIAMOND is the FastLayer Core, which is soft at its center and firm around its outer edge. That duality provides speed and great feel so everyone can play with more confidence and distance.

Meanwhile, this golf ball features Srixon’s proprietary Spin Skin with SeRM, a durable urethane coating that digs deep into wedge and iron grooves on every impact to increase friction and maximize spin and control.

“Z-STAR DIAMOND has been a very popular model with our PGA Tour staff, and the Diamond should definitely be considered by the higher-swing-speed, better player looking for the best performance available,” Brunski said.

Key Technologies:

  • FastLayer Core: The new FastLayer Core starts soft in the center and gradually becomes firm around its edge, it gives high-speed players exceptional feel and plenty of ball speed for maximum distance.
  • SpinSkin with SeRM: A new, thicker thermoplastic urethane cover features SpinSkin with SeRM, a durable coating with flexible molecular bonds. It digs deep into wedge and iron grooves, maximizing spin for more control and stopping power.
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern: The new 338 Speed Dimple Pattern delivers less drag and more lift boosts overall distance and flies true, even in the toughest wind conditions.