The triple forged 0311 GEN4 ST irons from PXG are made for professionals and scratch handicap amateurs with a significant redesign of the previous model improving feel and control.

Fast Facts PXG 0311 GEN4 ST irons

  • Triple forged players-category irons
  • 3-, 4-, 5-irons cavity back
  • Milled back
  • Adjustable rear weight
  • Lofts: 5-iron 26°, pitching wedge 47°
  • Finishes: Chrome, Xtreme Dark
  • Stock shaft: Elevate Tour
  • Stock grip: PXG Z5
  • Available now at
  • $349 per club chrome, $399 per club Xtreme Dark


PXG has expanded their line of 0311 irons with the new triple forged blade STs for play by the very best golfers, in fact ST comes from “super tour” which gives some idea of who they are thinking of with this design.

Long irons, 3 thorough 5, have a small cavity back which removes steel from the upper part of the head and effectively lowers the weight distribution therefore biasing a higher trajectory. Mid irons have a slightly smaller blade size and thinner top line while the short irons—8-iron through gap wedge—have even thinner toplines and shorter blade lengths.

The large rear weight is adjustable in 2-gram increments prior to purchase as determined in the personalized club fitting. Also evident along the lower rear margin are four of the now familiar PXG weight screws.

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