What golfer doesn’t want the gift of lower golf scores? The Swing Align training aid can offer just that. By helping golfers create a more “connected” swing from a proper set-up position, it helps them achieve a more stable and powerful move through the ball.

Swing Align was designed to help golfers line up squarely to their target and hit shots solidly by providing a strong visual alignment indicator. The lightweight, convenient device uses muscle memory to develop a repeatable golf swing with more power and accuracy, by keeping the arms and body synchronized when rotating.

Earlier this year, the Swing Align team unveiled a solution for golf’s all-important scoring zone with Swing Align Short Game (https://swingtrainer.com/ products/swing-align-short- game). Swing Align Short Game teaches golfers to maintain proper arm spacing by teaching them to use their arms and shoulders to create the perfectly synchronized triangle, allowing the bigger muscles to control shots for more repeatable results.

For the holidays, consider 2020’s best-selling Swing Align bundle that features the Swing Align unit, as well as the Swing Junction alignment rod package. Visit https://swingtrainer.com/products/swing-align-bundle.