Author: Mike May

PGA Golf Club: Wanamaker Course

PGA Golf Club Wanamaker Course – The first golf course named in honor of Rodman Wanamaker, who, in 1916, inspired the birth of The PGA of America. Fazio’s Wanamaker Course is a classic Florida layout set against wetlands, palm trees, and palmettos.

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PGA Golf Club: Dye Course

If you are looking for a golf course that has ‘pop’ appeal and where the attention to detail is clear and distinct, check out the Dye Course at the PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida. 

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Sea Trail

Sea Trail’s three golf courses – William Byrd Course, Rees Jones Course, and the Dan Maples Course – are well-designed, fair, fun, and player friendly.  Very few golf destinations are like Sea Trail, which have three top-notch 18-hole courses in one location.  Locals simply refer to the three courses as the Bryd, Jones, and the Maples.

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Sky Valley Country Club

Do you want to experience a natural ‘high’ while also being ‘cool?’  Well, then grab your golf clubs and head for the Sky Valley Country Club in Sky Valley, Georgia. Because of its mountainous terrain, Sky Valley is a community with the highest elevation in Georgia while also having the coolest temperatures in the state, which is refreshing in the summer. 

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