Story by: Bill Cuebas

Ocala, Florida – With a recent visit to the “Masters” in Augusta, Georgia, on Wednesday this week with Beverly and Greg Wise, I found something very interesting about Beverly and Greg that I hadn’t ever heard before.

We were attending the 2024 Annual meeting of the Golf Writers Association of America, first thing in the morning. After the meeting, we were given access to the grounds of Augusta National to experience “The Masters” – on a practice day as well as the Par-3 tournament.

During our visit to “Founders Circle” (the iconic front of the club house) for a photo.  Greg mentioned that he had never seen the front in person… he came away talking about the “Doghouse” that he and Beverly had built for as fund-raising event in 2007.

Intrigued by that information… I kept prodding for more and more information about the project… who they were raising money for and what the outcome was. I was hooked. It was almost a situation that I was into the Doghouse project, asking a lot of questions, more than I was the Masters – as strange as that might seem.

When we arrived back to Ocala… I was all over this story. It has been 17-years, and no one is talking about this project or the fact that this was “Masters Week.” Get out the information. I need to do a story… to truly tell how the “Master’s Club House has gone to the Dogs,” and helped a worthwhile local organization.

The Project was called BarkitectureArt for Animals

This project was a joint effort of the Marion County Cultural Alliance and the Humane Society of Marion County.

Local businessman Mike Amsden, was head of the Barkitecture Committee and was deemed to be the “Mayor of Dogtown.”

“When you look at these houses, it’s truly hard to describe the level of creativity
and craftsmanship. We became overwhelmed. People truly put their creativity and
heart and soul into this project – Mike Amsden, Dogtown Mayor

Dog houses named Barkford House, or Ocala Fire Depupmutt. What about St. Paw’s Cathedral… or Taj Ma-Dog.

But the Master’s Club House still connected with me!

Here is the listing from the Directory for the Public Auction:

Created by: Greg and Beverly Wise – Barkitects
Sponsored by: M&S Bank

This one-of-a-kind doghouse is based on the beautiful Master’s clubhouse in Augusta, Ga., that has catered to the likes of Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods.

It was Greg’s long-time love of golf, as well as his collection of items from Augusta National, Masters and Bobby Jones memorabilia that made this doghouse design a perfect fit.

“Besides that,” Greg said, “if you’re going to be in the “doghouse” for playing too much golf, you better build a big one.” And the Wise’s did just that. The Southern plantation-style home features two stories as well as a porch facade. A dog bone, monogrammed with an “M,” much like the iconic United States map in the “Founders Circle” completed the look.

It was even said that on Auction Night… the winning bidder for The Master’s Club House offered another $500 if both Beverly and Greg could fit in the doghouse together.

“That money was well earned for the Humane Society that night… but there is no-way we would attempt to do that today… without a crowbar to get us back out,” Greg said.

The M of the Masters… prominent on the front lawn.

Final touch up paint, before delivering the dog house for the auction.

I asked if they would ever do another if the opportunity came along. Greg’s response was pretty quick. “DOG GONE RIGHT… We would do another!”

Bill Cuebas

Bill Cuebas is the Co-founder/Publisher of Ignite Golf Network and co-host of the weekly golf talk radio show, Biggs Golf Talk. After spending more than a decade working in PR and Communications within the golf industry, Bill knows what drives the professionals and customers and actively seeks to provide the communication and input needed to help industry leaders be successful in presenting these things to the consumers. Bill knows that having a passion for something increases the desire and ability to do the best you can do. This passion has allowed Bill to combine his love of golf and country in a unique way with his charitable work with different organizations. Bill’s years in law enforcement gives him strong communication skills and a keen understanding of how to read people which are invaluable tools when seeking to promote and grow a business. Bill “ The GolfFather” Cuebas

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