Melville, New York – Indoor Pickleball and Golf Simulators

Story by: Greg and Beverly Wise

Imagine our surprise… when we pulled in to the Melville Marriott for a Weekend Real Estate Show… representing On Top of the World Communities and Colen Built Developers as we asked a simple question… “Are there any golf simulators in the area?”

I have been rehabilitating from shoulder surgery and if I could find a location to hit balls would help a lot. Oh wait… did we fail to mention that it was early February, and it was 31 degrees outside in the middle of the day.

The receptionist… open the drawer and handed me a card. “Pickle n Par.” What is this? She mentioned… “I play Pickleball, and this is the coolest place to play… Inside and the have golf simulators and literally 10 minutes away.”

Are you kidding me… “Two of our loves” in one place… and inside! We have got to go see this place and take some pictures. I pulled out the recent copy of Golf Central Magazine, that just happened to have the article that we had done… “Never Leave Home without Them!” An article talking about traveling to play golf, shooting pictures, and writing stories… and carrying our pickleball paddles with us to play in the evening when the sun goes down.

So… we quickly checked in to hotel and headed to Pickle n Par Club.

Check out a video explaining some tips for beginners to pickleball

We met with the manager Steve and quickly felt as if it were our home club. The atmosphere was incredible. Okay… we’ve all heard about difficult people in New York that seem like they are just better than everyone else. But… not at the Pickle n Par Club. This group of members were incredible. Steve gave us a challenge during a video that we had shot when we got there. Talk to our members… see what they think about Pickle n Par.

The first couple we met was Wade and Jessica Pond. Wade happened to be an ambassador for
Engage Pickleball paddles. Needless to say. Wade immediately put and Engage paddle in my hand and said… come on… let’s go hit some!

This was only the first day of our weekend in Melville. Steve mentioned that they had another location near Smithtown… Yep… we decided to make the 30-minute trip to take a look at their newest location, and we weren’t disappointed.

One of the main points that we came out of this experience at Pickle n Par was the fact that granted it was indoor pickleball and a golf simulator… but the staff made all of the difference in the experience.

If you are ever in Melville or Smithtown, New York… stop by Pickle n Par and be ready to experience customer service at its finest.

Check out their website at

There is definitely a new surprise online. They have a new location coming soon.