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Revo Sonic 2 Sunglasses

Revo Sonic 2 Sunglasses are the answer to music on the course. The superior quality Revo lens, also known as “The Best Lens on Earth” makes these glasses a must-have for any golfer who wants to enjoy music on the course and to protect their eyes from harmful UV Rays at the same time!

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Tifosi—All the Better to See

At least most of the time, golf is played with the sun shining, if not beating down on us, and many eye doctors strongly suggest that spending these extended periods on the course makes wearing sunglasses a must.

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Air 2 Revo Black REVOlutionary Sunglasses

Air 2 Revo Black with Drive Lens – Simply spend one day wearing these on the golf course and you’ll never go back! Crafted of 100% titanium, and weighing in at less than 0.5 oz, these are the lightest Revo has ever made. The Drive lens will enhance and improve the way you will see the golf course (or world).

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Roka Sunglasses

ROKA Sunglasses – Wrapped in GEKO, the core wire fit system ensures unmatched security, retention and comfort for every athlete. Featuring world class C3 lens and lens coatings and simple lens interchangeability, the TL Series delivers an uncompromising sport frame for any sport. ROKA TL Series are truly sunglasses made better than others.

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World Amateur Golf Championship Top 20 Memoirs

If golf buddy trips are all about eat, sleep, drink, golf…repeat, then the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship is the “Mother” of all golf buddy road trips. Is there anything better than taking your mediocre golf game on the road and testing it out with four rounds of golf, over four different courses in 72 holes of stroke play competition?

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