Designed in consultation with Ping’s tour staff the new Glide Forged Pro wedges have a more compact head with high spin characteristics and are offered with a choice of two sole grinds and nine lofts.

Fast Facts Ping Glide Forged Pro Wedges

  • Forged 8620 carbon steel
  • Compact head design
  • Milled face and grooves
  • Texture blasted between grooves
  • “S” or “T” grind
  • Arccos Caddie Sensor
  • Stock shaft: Ping Z-Z115
  • Stock grip: Golf Pride Arccos Lite Tour Velvet 360
  • $217.50 each steel shaft, $232.50 each graphite shaft


Everyone knows how important wedges are, whether hitting it close after a monster drive or rescuing the ball from an unfriendly lie near the green. Ping’s new Glide Forged Pro wedges do what is needed with a confidence-building head profile.

Of the two standard sole grinds the “S” has medium bounce with the leading edge rounded to fit a wide variety of swings and playing conditions. The slimmer sole “T” grind has 3° less bounce than the “S” and is available in a 62° loft.

“When you look at the Glide Forged Pro wedge, everything about it stands out,” said John K. Solheim, PING President. “It’s a great-looking club with amazing feel that performs beautifully. It has the versatility to attract and benefit a lot of different skill levels. Our engineers focused on every design attribute. It’s slightly smaller heel-to-toe with a rounded profile to allow players the ability to control the club and play any shot with precision. We’ve also applied a new face blast to improve friction for increased spin and trajectory control.”

The 59° loft “S” grind has a high toe design similar to the original EYE2 sand wedge company founder Karsten Solheim created in the 1980s.