Lightweight Ping G Le3 Clubs for Women

Ping’s unwavering support of women’s golf is reflected in their upcoming release of the Ping G Le3, an updated version of their women’s club line set to debut in 2023. This new line emphasizes “game-enjoyment technology,” a feature that will surely be a hit with players. They are interested in marketing to current players and the large number of women taking up the game.

Women swing more slowly; a well-designed club should account for that. Ping for example, in the G Le3 driver constructed a clubhead with lots of resistance to twisting or, more technically a high-MOI. The head is the maximum size allowed by the USGA and has a fixed weight in the skirt which moves the center of gravity towards the back and slightly towards the heel. The idea is to make a driver easy to get airborne and forgiving when impact is a little off center plus provide a small amount of right-to-left slice correction bias.

Keeping in mind most women swing their driver at 80 mph or less, the stock shafts offered are both extremely lightweight, 44g and 52g ULT250 D.

Executive Vice President Stacey Pauwels, who oversees the development of PING products made exclusively for women said about the G Le3 family, “Our on-going commitment to engineering lightweight, easy-to-hit, premium clubs for women is rooted in PING’s long history of supporting women’s golf, dating back to the early 1970s. It started with my grandparents, Karsten and Louise Solheim, and continues today with the Solheim Cup and other game-growing initiatives.”

“The G Le3 family offers a full set of performance-engineered, custom-made clubs that deliver added distance, unmatched forgiveness, a confidence-inspiring look and a pleasing sound,” Pauwels continued. “In developing the line, we also prioritized proper gapping to help ensure women get the best results from their set. That starts by visiting an authorized PING fitting specialist to determine the ideal set make-up and specifications, based largely on the player’s swing speed. We’re confident when custom-fit to the correct set configuration, women will see tremendous benefits from every club in their bag.

Fast Facts Ping G Le3 Family

G Le3 Driver

  • 460cc titanium clubhead
  • Forged face
  • Adjustable hosel +/- 1.5°
  • Stock loft: 11.5°
  • Stock shaft: Ping ULT250 Lite
  • Stock grip: Lamkin ST Soft
  • MSRP: $540 Street Price: $500

G Le3 Fairway Woods

  • Stainless steel clubhead
  • Adjustable hosel +/- 1.5°
  • Stock lofts” 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W
  • Stock shaft: Ping ULT250F
  • Stock grip: Lamkin ST Soft
  • MSRP: $335 each Street price: $300 each

The G Le3 family offers a full set of lightweight, easy-to-swing, performance-engineered clubs custom-made for women.

G Le3 Hybrids

  • Stainless steel clubhead
  • Maraging steel face
  • Stock lofts: 4H—7H
  • Stock shaft: Ping ULT250H
  • Stock grip: Lamkin ST Soft
  • MSRP: $245 each Street price: $230 each
  • Combo set of irons & hybrids five piece minimum $185 each

G Le3 Irons

  • Stainless steel clubhead
  • Tungsten toe & shaft weights
  • HydroPearl 2.0 finish
  • Stock lofts: 6-9 iron, PW, SW, UW
  • Stock shaft: Ping ULT250i
  • Stock grip: Lamkin ST Soft
  • MSRP: $185 per iron

G Le3 Putters

  • Anser blade-style, platinum finish
  • Louise mid-mallet, platinum plating finish
  • Fetch mid-mallet, slate PVD finish
  • Ketsch G mallet, anodized finish
  • MSRP Anser, Louise, Fetch: $250
  • MSRP Ketsch G: $325

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