Bobby Grace, headquartered in Highlands, North Carolina, has just introduced a new prototype Night & Day G Putter. This new Grace original has the ability to change the hosel and the balance of the putter the turn of a torque screw.

Bobby’s newest HEEL-SHAFTED FACE mallet with a LONG SLANT NECK is face balanced/a Plumbers neck and 40% toe hang/ and the S-BEND which is 60% toe hang and his signature RADIAL FACE rolls the ball earlier than any putter in the world, with the difference in your putting will be like Night and Day. In fact, according to the roll board tests it is demonstrably better than all other mallets on the market. Bobby says, that’s why I’ve named it Night and Day!” This new design can change the toe hang balance by ordering different hosels(G-GAMECHANGER) and Torque Screws from the sole under the heel weight.

Machined from blocks of steel in the USA with a quality Black Satin CeraKote Gun finish and adjustable weights in the sole area for ease of fitting length to headweight ratio, aided by the incredible HSM2 face, makes your control of distance/direction absolute and creates an immediate positive roll. Adjustable sole weights for any feel needed at any length. Stability Tour Black shafts are available for an additional $245. They take virtually all the torque out and results in less three putts. It is the best putter shaft technology in the past 60 years. Custom embroidered headcover and free shipping included.