During the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, I was invited to check out the selection of products at the display of BIG MAX, a leader in Europe’s golf trolley and bag market. The innovative German company has been in business since 1994, manufacturing superior products with quality workmanship and the best possible materials. A few years ago they entered the U.S. and are growing their share of the golf bag and trolley market. In fact, they have become the fastest growing bag line globally, having already reached the #1 trolley company in all of Europe.

I was given a complete review of all their products during my time at the BIG MAX booth which includes a complete line of accessories and holders for both their bags and trolleys. Being a Florida golfer who typically drives a cart, my interest pointed to their wide selection of cart bags. What drew my attention the most was the line of totally waterproof and stylish bags with five different color variations to choose from.

Considering our daily torrential rains I chose the Aqua Sport 2, for its size, ultra light-weight, 14 club pockets with full-length dividers, plus a separate well for my oversized putter and attractive fine lines. All the seams and 9 pockets are waterproof ensuring the items you have in them will stay dry. I have my rain gear in one, my wallet, money and meds in another, tees and tools in one, balls in one, and gloves in a separate compartment. The most important pocket for me is the special deep insulated one where I keep my on-course beverages. The extra handles at the top, good fitting strap for getting the bag from the car to the clubhouse and equally important transport handle in the back of the bag are certainly a plus. There are separate towel and umbrella holders. The bag is very efficient in keeping everything in its right place and easy to find.

I have been playing with the bag since February and I have to say it is the best I have had in over fifty years of play. The other day I was playing in a Big Summer Golf Card tournament at Heathrow Golf & Country Club when the typical afternoon showers rolled in around 10:30 am and poured buckets of rain. I was soaked from head to toe, but everything in the bag was dry despite the deluge. What a relief. If you are looking to purchase a new golf bag or trolley check out the line at us.bigmaxgolf.com.