A Fully Synthetic Leather Glove with Revolutionary Silicone Infused Palm

Chandler, Arizona–CaddyDaddy announced their new Claw Max golf glove constructed of 100% cutting edge synthetic materials providing an incredible grip, amazing durability and unmatched performance. A combination of advanced micro-fiber palm with exclusive silicone provides a tacky grip like no other glove on the market. Unlike leather gloves, the Claw Max will not blacken, tear or crack.

In addition to the outstanding grip, the Claw Max glove features an ultra-durable synthetic upper which increases stability for players used to tight-fitting leather gloves.

“Our team was amazed at the lack of innovation in golf gloves. Leather gloves simply wear out too quickly and all synthetic gloves are uncomfortable and lack the real club feel golfers expect,” said Rod Dunlap, Co-founder of CaddyDaddy. “The Claw Max relieves grip pressure due to the tacky nature of the silicone palm which improves player confidence on every swing. Our testing has shown the Claw Max has been lasting 20 rounds minimum with some players getting upwards of 80 rounds out of a single glove!”

Founded in 2002, CaddyDaddy, a family-owned business, is a leading manufacturer of golf travel bags, travel covers, gloves, and golf accessories. Cutting-edge designs, materials and manufacturing techniques make Caddy Daddy products both innovative and affordable. The full Claw golf line is available at www.ClawGlove.com, Amazon, and select retailers.