Keller TX. – Birdie Balou has launched its Spring 22 line. If  you want “a win of a gift” for your favorite golfer or even for yourself look at their offerings at

Be ahead of the game, with these new great accessories. The exciting new line thye have created has several custom designed items you can only buy from Birdie Balou! They believe in being unique and offering something different that has a function, and style that you will enjoy using.

Check out our exciting one of a kind designed item called the “Birdie Balou Gear & Towel Holder Bag” . This unique item was custom designed and created by our owner. It is a first of its kind on the market. The bag allows you to no longer have to stuff your side clothing pockets or dig into those dark side cart bag pockets (stubbing fingers & breaking nails ) or have wet muddy towels rubbing against your cart bags as they will now flow freely for a quicker dry.

  • The functional 8” x 6”  “Birdie Balou Gear & Towel Holder Bag” has 2 zip pocket compartments to hold items such as balls, tees, credit cards, phones etc.
  • Made of designer quality soft stone grained pleather, and attractive nickel plated “Birdie Balou” logo on front to match the hardware.
  • The bag is lined with one of our great prints for fun.
  • The bags come in three colors with interiors printed with vibrant colors: Red/Geometric Pink Print, Black /Leopard Print,  Royal Blue /Tropical as shown.
  • You can use your “Birdie Balou Gear & Towel Holder Bag” two ways !
    • Attach it to your cart bag while on the back of a golf cart, by weaving the cart bag strap through the adjustable hook & loop strap system on the back of the bag.
    • You can also use this on a pushcart attaching the straps to the handles of your cart!
  • There are 2 carabiners clips on each side of the bag to attach your favorite towels. Your towels will flow free and away from your cart bag and dry faster.
  • Match up the “Birdie Balou Gear & Towel Holder Bag “  with one of the six great new printed “Birdie Balou Golf Towels” . They match and coordinate with all our other accessories you are able to find now at or in the future at your local pro or resort shop.