Ashlee Ciora and Noreen Selberg have known each other since 2010. They’ve worked together, traveled the world together and entertained clients together, all in the name of promoting business and leisure travel to the Greater Palm Springs, California area. And, although their careers began to move in different directions, they forged a strong friendship and always managed stayed in touch with each other.

2020 was a year that saw many people facing challenges they never on earth dreamed they would be faced with. Loss of job, loss of family, friends and loved ones all played a crucial role in shaping lives. For Ashlee and Noreen, things were no different. Their combined 60 years of working in the tourism and hospitality industry had changed overnight. Ashlee was living in Los Angeles and moved back to Minnesota to be with family, and Noreen stayed in La Quinta to spend time with her family.

Growing up in Minnesota, Ashlee had played a lot of golf and when the golf courses reopened in Minnesota, Ashlee joined the LPGA Amateurs MN Metro Chapter. She reconnected with her dear friend Noreen and the two joined forces. As they made their way through the new normal of life, they found a stark gap in the market for women-owned golf companies that focused on women’s golf travel. Given the amount of travel the two had done over the years, working in desirable golf destinations, and the passion they held for both golf and travel, their thought process navigated towards a company devoted to golf travel for women. And soon, Women on Fairways, LLC was born.

Women on Fairways is a golf and lifestyle travel company catering to women golfers. They create tailor-made itineraries designed around the experiences not only on the course but off the course. They are the prefect company to help plan girlfriend’s getaways, celebration trips, and mother/daughter, family, and couples golf trips.

What sets them apart from other golf travel companies is their years of experience in destination marketing, golf, luxury hotel sales, event planning, and domestic and international travel. Noreen’s background in luxury hotel and golf resort sales and Ashlee’s career in destination and golf marketing makes for a talented duo that holds the designation as a top luxury travel company for experiential golf travel for women. They understand the importance of customer service, attention to detail, hotel product, and women amenities expected at a golf course. They have a long list of destinations, hotels and golf courses that provide their clients access to VIP services and additional amenities that can only be booked through Women on Fairways.

For all of the bad things that happened in 2020, it turned out to be an amazing year for golf. The number of rounds played is up dramatically as is the number of new players. More and more women are appreciating their newfound love for the game. In the United States alone, there’s also been a sharp increase of 450,000 junior girls and women playing golf.

Women on Fairways is excited to be a part of this tremendous growth to support women’s golf and the company looks to be at the forefront of creating trips catering to women golfers. Their motto is simple, “You don’t have to be a bucket list or scratch golfer to book with us. We celebrate the days we play golf with our friends…and that’s a great day!” For more information or to book your next golf vacation, visit their website at