ReelGOLF: A Video Solution to Allow Players to Capture and Preserve Experiences on Signature Holes

The artificial intelligence product ReelGOLF, which was introduced at the PGA Show in 2023, has the potential to disrupt the golf industry among all the new technology debuted. A pioneer in on-course videography, ReelGOLF allows players to capture memories on the course in high-definition 4K video, enhancing the golfer experience and allowing resorts to promote their signature holes while adding value to partners and players.

On signature Par 3 holes, smart cameras are placed discreetly near the tee box. After scanning the QR code at the tee box (no app required), ReelGOLF records the shot, and the high-definition video is sent to players’ phones within minutes, ready to share.

Kevin Imes founded HIO Media, a golf and media technology provider, to develop the revolutionary golf tech concept. For ReelGOLF, Imes has secured a number of patents (15+ issued and pending U.S. patents, along with several international patent applications), including the first patent for combining AI-enabled cameras with doppler radar sensing for on-course golf recording and ball tracing.

While others have focused on improving driving ranges or simulators, Imes emphasized that the on-course experience was an important part of the underserved overall golf experience. The ReelGOLF concept has the power to change the on-course experience for players and courses alike.

A serial entrepreneur, Imes was inspired to start ReelGOLF after playing the Old Course at St Andrews, where he realized that there was no good way to record his round on the legendary course.

“Our technology will finally bring the amateur golf highlight into the modern age. Instead of shaky iPhone footage from hundreds of yards out, players will have their most treasured on-course memories in high-quality,” said Imes.

ReelGOLF uses Bosch military-grade cameras that are bullet and hurricane-proof, feature windshield wipers and internal heaters, and include top-of-the-line privacy features so outside parties can access no video footage. ReelGOLF is also the first system to successfully develop one camera shot tracing, which others said was impossible to accomplish.

Last August, the ReelGOLF system was tested for one day at the Payne’s Valley 19th hole at Big Cedar Lodge. Miraculously, two golfers sunk hole-in-ones in the span of a few minutes. ReelGOLF cameras captured both, and the story was featured by Golfweek, Golf Digest, and Golf Channel, demonstrating in perfect fashion the benefit of this technology to players and courses alike.

ReelGOLF is now accepting inquiries from courses across the globe. To learn more about this golf tech revolution, visit or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

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