Brentwood, TN– The Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation announces a partnership with PHIT America, a national charity focused on improving the physical and mental health of children in the U.S. by providing increased physical activity programs. As part of the partnership, the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation will be the Supporting Sponsor of the new PHIT America PLAY GOLF program, which provides kids with introductory golf skills through fun, game-based curriculum and age-appropriate golf learning equipment to after-school and out-of-school programs.

For schools with the established PHIT America’s AMPED incentivized running/walking program, the PLAY GOLF initiative is a great add-on experience that introduces young school children to the basics of golf and other sports in a fun, personalized approach within the school environment. PLAY Golf will put kids on a pathway to be active and healthy for life through golf.

“Golf is such a fabulous sport for young kids to learn basic physical activity and life skills and they have so much fun in our program,” said Kelly McCammon, founder of the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation.  “Through the support of our Foundation, The PLAY GOLF program is a new opportunity to expose young kids to a sport not often found in the recreation space.  We want to go wherever kids are playing and give them a pathway to be active for life. We will help overcome the worrisome inactivity issues by getting kids healthier while growing the great game of golf.”

“We are excited to partner with the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation and we will introduce more kids to a life of physical activity through our core program, AMPED, and then teach them the basics of golf through our PLAY GOLF program,” said PHIT America founder Jim Baugh. “Our programs work and to date, we have introduced over half a million kids to regular physical activity in schools. Together with the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation, we are building new opportunities for the golf pathway and getting kids active to learn the great sport of golf for lifelong health.”

Schools can apply for these free programs at