By: Kay McMahon

With the Masters week now complete… they continue to do what the Masters does best – showcasing the best of the best.

The task at hand is to simply swing a club, get the little ball
into the little hole in the fewest number of strokes for that coveted green jacket.

The search for the perfect swing. The swing… is the swing… is the swing. The principles might all be the same… yet every player all have signature characteristics.

So I thought it would be fun to look at some of the unique swing elements of several known top contenders. How each gets it done – how each finds success – each with a signature style and flair.

Scottie Scheffler

World #1 ranked, is coming off of two major back to back wins and the favorite to win the Masters. The talk is always about his feet or his foot-work while maintaining balance – kind of. The term “ground force reaction” explained as creating sufficient traction between the golfer’s feet and the surface to allow the golfer to push in one direction to move the body mass in the opposite direction. Scottie seems to have mastered that foot work with his feet moving all over the map and almost air-borne at some point. Not recommended to try at home.

Tiger Woods

Although not ranked #1 in the world anymore, is still the fan favorite. My dear Aunt, who does not play, only watches golf when Tiger is on. Why? Tiger has the classic swing which is laser focused on precision and details, but the appeal is his passion and pulling off the impossible. One more go at this Major as we hopefully see one more time – the Tiger classic fist pump. Every kid in us has it!

Rory McIlory

The charming and well buffed Irishman, is knocking the cover off the ball, known for his swing speed – long and loooonger drives. At times making some big mistakes, recovering well, but he is always going after it – full force ahead.

Jordan Spieth

The likable kid next door – maybe not the classic swing with that slight “chicken wing” through impact, but can get it up and down out of every garbage can. The so called “chicken wing” familiar and hazardous to every recreational golfer, is actually what Jordan thinks is his advantage to keeping the club face squarer longer through impact. Maybe we all should be liking and serving more “wings” while we watch the Masters?

Justin Thomas

Former World #1, best friends with Jordan and Tiger – makes major change going into Master’s week – a change of the “15th club” in the bag! Yes. . .a new caddy. One of the most notable and successful partnership – Jim “Bones” MacKay and Justin have parted ways as Justin is searching to find his form again. Matt Minister, Patrick Cantlay’s former caddy, has taking over as the secret “15th club” – one of the most important strategic weapons in the bag.

It is not always who is swinging the club,
but the caddy behind the player.

Only a small glimpse at some of the best who
are Master – ing what they do best!
…swinging the club the fewest number of times.

Only a small glimpse at some of the best who are Master – ing what they do best – swinging the club the fewest number of times.

Kay McMahon

LPGA Professionals Hall of Fame,
NENY PGA Section Teacher of the Year – 2022

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