Golfinity, an all-ages golf instruction and practice facility will open its first indoor performance club in Austin in early 2021. The Golfinity concept is the vision of cofounders Aaron Bergman and Marc Rankin, in partnership with Troon to manage all on-corporate employees, assist with procurement including hard goods and apparel, provide leadership as well as food and beverage operations.

Bergman and Rankin began developing the Golfinity concept–“a revolutionary indoor social golf experience where you can discover and develop your golf game, sharpen your skills and find community”–in 2016.

Aaron Bergman, an award-winning Class A PGA member whose career has been rooted in growing the game through teaching and youth programming, will serve as CEO. Marc Rankin, a proven business leader with experience in golf resorts, real estate and private equity, will focus on facility design, strategic partnerships and national development plans.

The Austin indoor golf membership-based facility, which is the largest in the U.S. will be home to 22 state-of-the-art golf simulator bays, a first-of-its supermax dome theater, luxury membership lounge, open-air outdoor putting green and more. Memberships start at $49 per month. Fees for instruction, club fitting, merchandise and food and beverage will for golfers to reach their maximum potential in a safe, family-friendly environment with the programming and culture all designed around creating positive golf experiences, skill development and fun.

The Golfinity app and software platform have been designed around the Golfinity Skills Development Experience(SDX) that is the ultimate tool for golfers of all ages to enhance both skills and engagement.

“As the game and business of golf have evolved, technology has taken a larger role in how we learn and enjoy the game,” said Jeff Thomasson, Vice President of Operations at Troon. “However, the relational part of the game has not changed. That is why Troon is so pleased to be able to partner with Golfinity as we move close to the opening of the flagship location in Austin, Texas.”

Through its instruction and skills development experience, Troon & Golfinity are providing golfers of all ages an opportunity to continue their journey to discover their passion for the game that is innovative, easily accessible(weather resistant), and affordable.

“Golfinity is revolutionizing the way people learn the game in a family-friendly, non-intimidating way,” Thomasson added. Golfinity is currently working with Troon to develop a growth strategy to take Golfinity into new markets around the country over the next three years.