True Linkswear All Day Knit 3 Golf Shoes

True Linkswear has been making comfortable, performance-enhancing golf shoes for almost 15 years, and their latest, the True All Day Knit 3, is a great example of how a good shoe can improve your game.

The True Linkswear All Day Knit 3 golf shoes are perfect on or off the course…all day. The sole provides great grip during play but can also be worn to work or the store.

Its knit one-piece upper has some stretch for both comfort and fit, being 90% polyester and 10% spandex, but is also lightweight and breathable for warm weather.

As a performance golf shoe, backed by the TRUE Linkswear Most Comfortable Footwear Guarantee, the All Day Knit 3 shoes are easy on the feet and made for the walking golfer. With less heel height each stride is more natural.

The upper is treated with a hydrophobic coating to make them water-resistant.

Walking in the All Day Knit 3 is a breeze and you quickly forget you are wearing performance golf shoes.

True Linkswear All Day Knit 3 Golf Shoes

True Linkswear All Day Knit 3 Golf Shoes

TRUE CEO Jason Moore says, “The All Day Knit has been our most loved and purchased shoe to date, and now it’s even more comfortable and capable than ever.” With the Knit 3, we took what we love about All Day Knit, and made it even better than ever.

Fast Facts True Linkswear All Day Knit 3 Golf Shoes

  • One-piece knit breathable upper
  • Sock-fit bootie
  • Antimicrobial insole
  • Lightweight 9.1 oz
  • Performance design spikeless outsole
  • Four color choices: Deep Sea, Legend, Onyx, Nimbus
  • $160 pair

When it comes to improving your golf game, comfortable golf shoes, like the True linkswear All Day Knit 3, should be an important part your game. The right golf shoes can have a significant impact on your game. Wearing comfortable golf shoes can help you feel more stable and confident when swinging, and they can also improve your balance and traction. This can lead to better shots and lower scores. In addition, comfortable golf shoes can help prevent injuries by providing support and cushioning for your feet. So if you’re looking to improve your golf game, make sure you’re wearing comfortable golf shoes. See why golfers worldwide are choosing TRUE linkswear.

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