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by | Nov 15, 2020 | PRO SHOP

Zero Friction Enters Laser Rangefinder Market With Unique Laser Pro And Laser Pro SM Products

Zero Friction, maker of high quality, technologically advanced products for golfers worldwide, has entered the golf laser rangefinder segment in a big way with its Zero Friction Laser Pro and Laser Pro SM products. And like most Zero Friction products, this one has a unique element that separates it from the competitors.

Both Zero Friction Laser Pro models come with a pistol shape rubber handle grip, making it very simple to get yardage for your next shot. Simply aim and click, and the exact distance appears on an easy-to-read LCD display magnified X6.

“We wanted to be in the laser business, but didn’t want to make another ‘me-too’ palm-held unit,” said John Iacono, Zero Friction Founder. “What we really wanted was a pistol-style grip. It’s simple to use. It’s much easier to hold steady in your hand than a unit that sits in your palm. It vibrates when it locks in on the target. So we ended up with exactly what we wanted: A unique product with impressive technology that fits our brand.”

Some of the highlights of the patent-pending Laser Pro product include:

  • 1000+yard range 1/- 1 yard
  • conforms with rules of golf
  • measurement in yards and meters
  • vibrates when locked on distance
  • waterproof device IPx5 and carry case
  • scan and pin lock modes
  • pistol shape rubber handle grip
  • easy to read LCD magnify 6x
  • lightweight 6.5oz, 182g

In addition, the Laser Pro SM includes slope functionalities and a magnet that attaches to the golf cart for easy access.

The Laser Pro retails for $229.99, and the Laser Pro SM goes for $329.99. Each unit comes with a 10-pack of Zero Friction’s 3” power tees.

“The product has been shipped all over the country so far and is doing very well,” said Iacono. “PGA Tour Superstore loved the product and put in a nice order. It is also available in the Roger Dunn/Edwin Watts stores, Amazon and other avenues.”

The Laser Pro joins Zero Friction’s diverse line of technologically advanced products that are perfect for any budget for holiday gift shopping. Leading the way is Zero Friction’s colorful line of compression-fit gloves that take the guesswork out of sizing. Zero Friction also offers golf balls, tees, bags and other accessories.

For more information, visit, or call 630-317-7700.

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