The New Soft Feel Golf Ball

Srixon, a global leader in golf ball technology and innovation, announced the launch of the new Soft Feel golf ball. The Srixon Soft Feel is available in Soft White and Tour Yellow and officially has launched in North America.

Now in its 11th generation, Srixon engineered the latest iteration of the Soft Feel specifically for golfers wanting to maximize distance and control with exceptional feel. Featuring a soft cover, innovative core and updated dimple pattern, the Soft Feel delivers all-around performance from tee to green at an unmatched price. Longer. Softer. Better. The new Soft Feel from Srixon.

“The all-new Soft Feel was designed to help players maximize their distance off the tee, while providing even better feel and control,” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development. “The latest generation of Soft Feel accomplishes this goal offering a lower compression ball for incredible distance, but a softer cover to provide that greenside performance all players crave. The Soft Feel provides all-around at an incredible value which really separates this golf ball from the rest.”

Srixon worked with Golf Laboratories, Inc. to conduct independent, outdoor robot testing of the new Soft Feel golf ball against key competitors. The results show how Soft Feel provides optimal tee-to-green performance at an incredible value:

The Energetic Gradient Growth Core and new 338 Speed Dimple Pattern provide ideal launch conditions and less drag. which delivers longer driver distance than more expensive ionomer cover competitors.

The Soft Fell stands apart in terms of accurate iron play. The core technology, along with new aerodynamic dimple pattern, allows the new Soft Feel to cut through any conditions, offering more distance, consistency and control with your irons.

Srixon’s Soft Feel completes its all around performance, and separates from the competition, with better spin and control, Thank to the thinner, softer cover, the Soft Feel generates more spin on pitch and chip shots than its more expensive competitors. The price is $19.99 per dozen.

Andrew Putnam won his first PGA TOUR event playing Cleveland Launcher and wedges, Srixon irons and a Srixon Z-Star XV ball at the Barracuda Championship in Reno, Nevada.

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