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The New 3-in-1 Cart Fan by Bag Boy

cart fanWell, the sweltering heat of the summer has finally made it here. A lot of golfers try and get out as early as possible to avoid the extreme heat of the afternoon, but sometimes that mid morning thrust of humidity, as the moisture evaporates from the fairways, is just as daunting.

At the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida I found something that can help alleviate some of that uncomfortable sweating and feeling like you can hardly breathe. Bag Boy, one of the premier manufacturers of golf bags and push carts, has introduced a 3-in-1 cart fan for 2018 that is easy to attach to your push cart or golf cart. The fan with 2″ plastic fan blades is remarkably quiet, has 3 powerful speeds and a water misting spray. It outlasts even the slowest round, so you are still getting the cooling effect even at the 18th hole. My wife attaches hers to the golf cart without using the spray. I just connect it to the push cart with the sprayer-well full and enjoy the cooling mist and fan as needed.

The fan can be removed from the power bank and held in your hand if you are waiting for your fellow golfers to measure their putts from every freakin’ angle while you wilt away. Just bring the fan to the green and let it cool the body and mind, so you can make that 10 footer to win the hole. The Bag Boy 3-in-1 Cart Fan will make those dog days feel a lot better. There is a folding hinge to redirect the flow of cool air if needed. After golf we just bring the fan in and plug it in to the Mini USB charging port provided, and the next morning we are ready to go out and face the elements. We both really enjoy the added refreshment it brings to our rounds.

To order a Bag Boy 3-in-1 Cart Fan go to or call 800-955-2269.

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