The Golf Towel Goes Magnetic

The new Stick It Magnetic Towel from Monument Golf gives players ultimate convenience when using a golf towel throughout the round.

Designed with a removeable industrial-strength magnetic patch, the Stick It Towel magnetically attracts to cart posts, club heads and shafts, allowing for effortless accessibility every shot.

Grab-N-Go Greenside Pickup – The magnetic patch snaps to wedges and putters for quick on-the-go pick up when using the towel greenside.

No more bending over. No more leaving the towel behind because it’s a hassle.

Always Within Arm’s Reach – Sticks to the cart roof frame for easy access, convenient positioning and quicker play.

Super-Strong Hold – Securely holds to club heads and cart roof frames, eliminating the worry of losing the towel when riding or walking.

Optimal Towel Size – Allows for convenient use of the same towel from tee to green.


rangefinder_strapUsing a range nder is now easier, quicker and simply more convenient with the Stick It Magnetic Range nder Strap. Designed with industrial-strength magnets, the Stick It Strap magnetically holds to the cart roof frame and steering column.

With convenient positioning on the cart, players get quick and easy range nder access for every shot.

And because the Stick It Strap magnetically holds to club heads and shafts, players get fast, on-the-go pick up when playing away from the cart or on tee boxes.

  • Industrial-Strength Magnets
  • Neodymium magnets withstand severe turns, bumps and sudden stops.
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Fits standard range nder models.
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Durable nylon material weathers all conditions, doesn’t rip or tear, and holds up round after round.


For more information, visit Monument Golf on the web.



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