The #1 GOLF GRIP MISTAKE You’re Making Right Now (And It’s Keeping You From Playing Good Golf

What a lot of amateur golfers don’t realize is the importance of having a good grip – on the lesson tee, I am ALWAYS fixing poor golf grips. Did you know that having a good grip on the golf club can:

  • Eliminate MANY Golf Swing Problems – such as over the top, steep downswings, and bad takeaways. You can even fix the top of your backswing and impact position with a good grip!
  • Give you more POWER – just by allowing the wrists to hinge naturally
  • Give you CONSISTENCY – you will have excellent clubface control since the club is secure in your hands.

There are tons of other benefits to a good golf grip but, think about it, if a good golf grip can give you more POWER and CONSISTENCY while fixing common golf swing problems, why don’t golfers spend enough time working on it?

The ANSWER is simple, we’re human and sometimes we get lazy. The grip is often overlooked – an afterthought. “Just put your hands somewhere on the golf club” we might think or “Don’t focus too much on the grip, I’ve got tons of other problems in my swing to work on.”

Ironically, correcting your grip CAN instantly fix a ton of the problems that are happening in your golf swing.

This is why the SETUP is the FOUNDATION OF THE GOLF SWING. The grip is the FIRST foundation. A solid hold on the golf club will help you to be a great golfer and ball striker.


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