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Tagmarshal Technology is Enhancing the Game!

BOSTON, Mass – Okay golf aficionados let’s start off this golf industry product review with a brief word game test. Be honest, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Tagmarshal?

If you’re hearing the name Tagmarshal for the first time, you’re not alone so prepare to learn more about one of the golf industry’s fastest-growing software programs.

Tagmarshal is the co-creation of 43-year old CEO Bodo Sieber, a former German international rugby player, that offers golf course operators a basic GPS golf cart tracking system to manage their fleet of carts that features a simple and effective cart tracking solution. Tagmarshal helps operators to achieve two prime business objectives – enhance the player experience while maximizing revenue potential.

Not only is Bodo Sieber’s software program one of the most effective in the industry, the Tagmarshal name is brilliant. Think Webster’s Dictionary: Tag – ‘a label attached to something for the purpose of identification or to give other information.’ Marshal – ‘to bring together and order in an appropriate way.’

It’s not rocket science but Tagmarshal is trusted and used in over 400 golf courses worldwide for the purpose of tracking golf carts, speeding up play, enhancing the player experience and generating additional revenue for the club.

“Since 2014, we are happy to report that Tagmarshal has become a worldwide leader in golf course intelligence software optimizing on-course operations in nine countries and four continents,” said Bodo Sieber, in an interview at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in January. “Tagmarshal is an industry trusted system that provides full operational oversight and reporting, proactive, real-time management of field flow and data-driven management, which ultimately saves money for our customers.”

So, if you’re a skeptic like me here are a few FAQs.

How Will Round Times Improve?

The Tagmarshal system allows for a proactive, data driven approach to Pace of Play. There are many factors, but all implementations to date have seen a 10-20 minutes improvement in average round times within three months of using the system. From there new goals and targets get defined and worked towards.

Is There a Set-up Process?

Upon the receipt of installation of a Tracking Tag, Tagmarshal facilitates a training period of three weeks. The course is mapped out and positional data collected allowing the system’s algorithm the opportunity of learning its unique ebb and flow. During this time management is given the full benefit of the live stylized map for tracking purposes. The most powerful features show pace of play alerts, round and hole statistics and the building of player Pace of Play profiles that go live.

How Does the Pace of Play Alert System Work?

As a playing group progress, their location and time of play is measured against various parameters and evaluated in relation to the rest of the field. The Tagmarshal system’s smart algorithm then picks up when a group is falling behind and alerts management through a series of color-based alerts on the Tagmarshalmap.

“Tagmarshal is trusted by 30 of the top 100 courses in the United States and 400 private, daily fee and resort courses,” said General Manager Joey Walters, who works from Tagmarshal USA headquarters in Atlanta. “Our client list is expanding and includes Pinehurst, Erin Hills, Whistling Straits, East Lake, Cog Hill, Bandon Dunes and many more public and private facilities. The reason Tagmarshal is successful is because it improves the golfer experience and optimizes on-course operations.”

Among the many New England-based country club’s that have found success with Tagmarshal, Belmont Country Club had high praise for the system.

“We needed a solution that would arm the golf staff with the best informational data to do our part in assuring that the game is played in the most efficient manner possible,” said Belmont Country Club Director of Golf John Fields, also in attendance at the PGA Show. “With the Tagmarshal system, we are able to approach slower groups armed with the info to help them get back into proper position, in a manner that is polite and respected by our membership.”

The testimonials are plentiful while the loyalty from customers is sincere, and John Field’s comments are indicative of the positive results that PGA professionals across the Globe are experiencing with Tagmarshal.

“Our experience with the system and integration into our system has been exceptional, optimizing staff at peak hours, confirming operational efficiencies, and giving the on-course team the data to manage the pace of play,” said Andrew Hedrick, head pro at Country Club of Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Colorado. “We invested in Tagmarshal to ensure our members are having a successful golf experience.”

The Tagmarshal system allows for a proactive, data driven approach to Pace of Play. There are many factors, but all implementations to date have seen a 10-20 minutes improvement in average round times within three months of using the system. From there new goals and targets get defined and worked towards.

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