Eliminate Sweaty Hands with Dry Glove Lotion

Dry Glove USA has introduced an antiperspirant lotion that will keep golfer’s hands dry for hours extending the life of your golf glove and making your round more enjoyable. Developed in a lab in the United States, Dry Glove is an antiperspirant lotion designed to keep your hands from sweating dry for hours. Imagine playing a [...]

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GolfERASERS is an innovative cleaning sponge for club faces, golf balls and shoes. The GolfERASERS 6-Pack includes a silicone golf bag tag tether that can hang from your golf bag. This way, it’s easily accessible to clean in between shots and putts. Just add water to the dual-sided sponge and remove grass, sand and dirt with [...]

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SIM2 Max & SIM2 Max OS Irons from TaylorMade

SIM2 irons from TaylorMade have a cavity filled with a lightweight hi-strength polymer to support the topline and stiffen the upper face. Combined with a sole slot, the portion of the face unsupported is larger for a bigger sweet spot and more ball speed. Fast Facts SIM2 Max & SIM2 Max OS Irons Polymer filled 360° [...]

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It’s Just an Umbrella…NOT!

Umbrellas? What is so special about an umbrella.  An umbrella is just something that we use in case we get caught outside in the rain. It’s just one of those things you have in case you need it; you never really plan on using an umbrella. Most people don’t put a lot of thought into choosing [...]

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New Titleist Tour Speed

ORLANDO, Florida – Titleist the largest seller of golf balls introduces the Tour Speed, a lower compression three-piece urethane cover model at a midlevel price point. Fast Facts: Three-piece construction Cast thermoplastic urethane 346-dimple cover New formulation of core to increase response speed Titleist’s fastest ever ionomer casing layer Lower compression and softer feel Retail $39.99 [...]

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Maui Jim Sunglasses – See the Course in a Whole New Light

Maui Jim Sunglasses have always had a lot of good things going for them. They are great for driving and you won’t find a more adaptive lens to wear at the beach. So it only made sense that when a few years ago Maui Jim decided to make some sport specific sunglasses and lenses, golf would [...]

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