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Golf Discounts: We offer some of the best golf deals you will find anywhere!!! But don’t take our word for it compare us to the others then come back and save! With savings between 25 to 40 percent off rack rates, eSouthernGOLF.com is your premier choice for the best golf deals! But hurry, there are only a limited number of deals available each month.

Our golf deals, coupons and special offers are ONLY available online from eSouthernGOLF.com and are not available to purchase at the course. When you purchase one of our golf coupons, you will receive a golf certificate good for two rounds of golf at the selected course. Please see each course’s offer for complete details about the offer including any restrictions.

Once you receive your certificate from eSouthernGOLF.com, simply call the golf course and make a tee time. Then, when you get to the golf shop present your golf certificate and get ready to play and save! Note: Unless otherwise stated, a maximum of eight (8) golfers can use certificates at one time at the golf course.

But remember, these Golf Deals are only available on our website, so before you plan your next golf outing, make sure to visit eSouthernGOLF.com for the latest and greatest golf deals available.

There are a limited number of these Golf Deals available each month and once they are sold, there are no more available until the following month. For more answers to common questions, please see our FAQ page.

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Select a course from the list below by clicking the More Details Button – Review the offer, select a quantity and then add the course to your cart. If the shopping cart reduces the quantity you requested that indicates we don’t have enough inventory on hand to fulfill your request.

Sales Tax must be added to the price but there are no other costs or fees. The price you see, plus sales tax is the price you pay. Since there are No Refunds, please be sure and read the restrictions for each course before making your purchase. If you have any question please check our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us and we will be glad to help.

Certificates are usually emailed to you within a couple of hours of your order. If you need the certificate to play the same day as your order, please let us know and we will try and get the certificates to you right away.


All prices are for Two (2) Rounds of Golf
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