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Playing golf with the right golf apparel ensures comfort and possibly a remarkable performance in the golf course. will keep you up to date on all of the latest golf apparel and fashion trends. From head to toe, we will cover the golf apparel that is setting the trends. Our goal is to keep you looking your best with all the latest golf fashions.

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    September 28, 2021

    TRUE linkswear, creators of golf’s most naturally comfortable shoes, has teamed with Foray Golf to craft the Queen of Clubs Limited Edition Knit II, a ’s exclusive featuring original artwork, finishing details selected by Foray, and an extravagant QOC matching carry bag exclusive to the style.

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    September 12, 2021

    The 's Adidas ZG21 golf shoe is a lightweight design with zero compromises in comfort or performance. Allowing you to play through your round with a secure, comfortable stance on every drive. These women's feature the BOA Fit System for a snug, supportive feel on every swing.

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    September 9, 2021

    CLASSIC COMFORT AND ENHANCED PERFORMANCE ARE COMBINED WITH FRESH, SEASONAL COLORS IN NEW COLLECTION GREENVILLE, S.C. — A pair of Kentwool’s new limited-edition Fall/Winter Collection Merino wool socks is the perfect addition to any stylish, cool-weather wardrobe. Renowned for their superior comfort, temperature-regulating abilities, and impressive fit and durability, the latest limited-edition models from Kentwool come in exciting and unique colorways that are certain to jazz up anyone’s seasonal look. Available for both men [...]

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  • August 8, 2021

    KINONA: Golf for who inspire, achieve, and uplift Good News - More women are playing golf than ever before. Bad News - traditional women’s golf attire has struggled to be fashionable. It’s a fact that women’s golf attire has struggled to be fashionable. Historically, women’s golf wear has been described by most women as being boxy, conservative and uncomfortable. Two women - Tami Fujii and Dianne Celuch - [...]

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  • August 2, 2021

    Southern Tide - How To Look Your Best On The Course Golf has been a sport enjoyed by men since the Middle Ages. Finding its way to America in the late 1800s, it erupted in popularity during the Roaring Twenties as a way for the well-to-do to engage in sport and socialize at the same time. Common golf was woolen tweeds, plus fours and knee socks. Thankfully golf attire [...]

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  • July 31, 2021

    When temperatures are scorching, a sun hat can do more than just provide relief from the heat...a good hat can shield you from the sun's harmful, sunburn-causing UV (ultraviolet) rays. Before spending time outside in the sun, it’s essential to put on a hat that blocks the sun and the harmful ultraviolet rays that are known to cause basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, which account for 90% of all [...]

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    July 26, 2021

    PUMA GOLF ADDS TO STAR-STUDDED SHOE COLLECTION WITH PROADAPT Δ SPECTRA CARLSBAD, CA. – PUMA Golf unveiled its newest, elite golf shoe—the PROADAPT Δ Spectra ($250)—created in conjunction with PUMA’s ONLY SEE GREAT Campaign to celebrate moments of greatness in sports. The PROADAPT Δ Spectra combines the best of ADAPT stability technologies and a bright, graphic design—to highlight the power of extraordinary moments that bring meaning to the game. The PROADAPT Δ Spectra [...]

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    July 19, 2021

    Galway Bay is serious about rain and golf. Their tag line is “Just because the weather changes, doesn’t mean your swing has to.” Every golfer knows if you play this maddening game sooner or later you will be rained on and having quality rainwear designed for golf by golfers to keep dry and warm is the secret for not having your day ruined. For this golf season Galway Bay, [...]

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    July 18, 2021

    BOAFIT: Want to improve your golf game? Start with the basics, your The shoes on your feet can make you a better golfer because when you are properly grounded and balanced your and ball striking will be better and you will have increased swing speed for better distance as well. Shoes are not an exciting piece of your golf gear. The only person that typically notices them [...]

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    July 17, 2021

    Chris Riccobono created because he couldn't find shirts that looked good untucked. So, he created the perfect untucked shirt. It has that just-right length, fits all shapes and sizes, and helps you look sharp—even at your most casual. Upgrade your wardrobe with a UNTUCKIT Performance Polo. Designed for on or off the course a good short-sleeve polo shirt is the perfect way to replace a standard T-shirt and step up [...]

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