SKIN Sunscreen Receives Golf Digest Editors Choice Best in Golf Award

SKIN Sunscreen™, providers of a premium sunscreen product specifically designed for the golf athlete and their families, has been recognized by Golf Digest as an Editors’ Choice Award winner in its annual “Best in Golf” edition. The issue features SKIN Sunscreen as part of its Best Sunscreen & Skincare for Golf category.

“First things first: Anything that protects your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays is better than going commando,” noted Golf Digest. “That being said, not all sunscreens are created equal. It’s important to understand that sunscreens fall into two main categories: those that contain mineral-based active ingredients that physically block the sun’s rays, and those that contain chemical ingredients that absorb the sun’s rays. Golf Digest endorses only mineral-based physical blockers.”

Golf Digest launched the Editors’ Choice program in 2016 with the mission of identifying The Best Things in Golf, with an emphasis on lifestyle properties, products and services. Similar to the publication’s annual Hot List, which has become the game’s authoritative review for golf equipment, Editors’ Choice is designed to be the go-to resource for the latest in travel destinations, gear and gadgets, cool style and fitness products.

“We are thrilled to receive this Editors’ Choice Award from Golf Digest,” said Jessica Folino, General Manager/Partner, SKIN Sunscreen. “We pride ourselves in providing golfers with a safe and effective option for sun protection and this award helps provide validation for our efforts. Our sunscreen has been readily embraced by golfers worldwide and we look forward to continuing to educate people about the benefits of proper skin protection both on and off the golf course.”

Golf Digest also noted, “There’s no reason to buy anything with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) higher than 50. The blocking ingredients will work for only a few hours, max, before you need to reapply, so SPF higher than 50 is overkill. Now with the health lecture out of the way, our picks for the best sunscreens and lip balm—your lips are skin, too—all are easy to apply and didn’t make our hands too slippery to hold a 5-iron.”

SKIN Sunscreen has carefully developed its premium preventative SPF30+ lotion formulation to be oxybenzone-free, non-greasy, sweat resistant and water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Uniting the company’s resources in a quest to spare others the pain and loss associated with the insidious health threat of skin cancer and UV damage, SKIN Sunscreen is proudly promoted as the optimal wellness preventative in a healthy daily hygiene routine.

In addition to the SPF 30+ lotion formulation, SKIN Sunscreen offers an SPF50 Continuous Spray in a light weight, non-greasy, oil free formula that sprays on from any angle, helping protect the entire body from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This highly effective, Broad Spectrum formula features a no-run application that doesn’t require rubbing in. It provides water resistance up to 80 minutes and applies and dries clear while allowing the skin to breath.

About SKIN Sunscreen™

SKIN Sunscreen™ was founded for golfers, by golfers. SKIN Sunscreen is formulated specifically for golfers and their environment. The SPF 30+ sunscreen utilizing Zinc and Titanium Dioxide as its base, is very water resistant, Broad Spectrum, and delivers UVA/UVB protection.  SKIN Sunscreen is trusted for performance and protection by nearly 280 Tour Players on the PGA Tour, European Tour and Tour. For more information about SKIN Sunscreen, visit


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