In an expansion of their -based wrist unit product line Shot Scope has introduced the PRO L1 Laser at a golfer-friendly price.

Fast Facts PRO L1 Laser

  • Lightweight, water resistant
  • Sloped adjusted distance
  • 6X magnification up 875 yards
  • Target Lock Vibration
  • Weight 205 grams
  • Carrying Case, lanyard
  • $199.99


The PRO L1 from Shot Scope has a lot of the features of more expensive laser finders such as being able to show yardages adjusted for the amount of up or down slope in a shot, at a modest price. This Advance Slope can be toggled on and off to comply with USGA and combined with the 6X optics makes for a very useable package.

There are three modes: speed for a quick reading, golf with slope and target-lock vibration plus continuous scan. The display can be switched between black and red numerals and shows in yards or meters to suit the user. On the course the PRO L1 worked the way we expected and compared almost exactly with the cart mounted at the facility we were playing. The exception, as always, being the pin’s location from the front, back and center that the GPS unit reports.

We liked Shot Scopes V3 Smart Watch introduced last summer and the PRO L1 is another quality accessory to help your game.

David Hunter, CEO, Shot Scope said in the product announcement, “This is an exciting time for our company. Following the successful launch of the PRO L1 in Europe, we are now introducing this innovation in the United States. While this is our first product, golfers can expect what they have come to know from Shot Scope over the past number of years. They will get the ultimate in performance and accuracy, at an affordable cost. We are extremely proud of the in this rangefinder.”