Tiger Woods signs an agreement to design courses for future locations and becomes part owner.

The latest venture in bringing the fun factor of golf to the masses, Pop Stroke has opened its first location near the of America’s outstanding PGA Golf Club in Port. St. Lucie, just off of Interstate 95. Identifying the popularity of both Topgolf and Drive Shack as gamification concepts, Pop Stroke owner Greg Bartoli states, “This is the cutting edge of miniature golf. It’s going to be a true experience without the tacky windmills and goofy tricked-up surfaces.” The -infused golf entertainment complex features 2 professionally designed 18 hole putting courses with exceptional food and beverage. The other important factor about Pop Stroke is it does not have the expansive footprint that the other two need, so it can fit more locations easier.

Players putt on a synthetic turf that looks and feels like the real thing with bunkers, undulation changes and natural vegetation surrounding the courses- ‘a true miniature golf course.’ But this course allows golfers to order drinks and food to be delivered at a respective hole while they play. The facility has 15 flat-screen televisions and 3 simulator bays for those who want to swing something other than a putter.

Pop Stroke’s “WOW-Factor” is generated by its unique technology, the new ‘iPutt’ platform that transmits a player’s score to the Pro Stroke app allowing them to track their scores and compete against other players. The new iPutt ball will debut at all locations very soon and will feed scores to a jumbotron leaderboard displayed at the course. “We are really excited about the proprietary PopStroke app which will communicate with the golf balls,” adds Bartoli. “The leaderboard will engage the players throughout the day.”

Recently Pop Stroke Entertainment Group teamed up with TGR, Tiger Woods Ventures announcing the 15 time major champion will become the ‘Architect of Enjoyment’ designing the courses for all future locations. The Port St. Lucie locale features two meticulously designed putting courses laid out by Jackson Kahn, but the addition of Tiger to the Pop Stroke concept is expected to provide a huge boost to the company’s plans for expansion. Their next locations are Ft. Myers, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

“This is a natural extension of my design philosophy and my TGR Design business,” says Tiger. “Our goal has always been to design
layouts that bring people together and are fun for golfers of all abilities and ages. When I was young my Pop and I would often visit a miniature golf park and compete for a fun day, and I have fond memories of those times.”

Bartoli is no stranger to miniature golf. Greg owns two Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf parks in Florida; One in Jupiter and one in Cocoa Beach.