One Putt Bullseye is one of the simplest easiest to use aids I have ever used. The concept is to train your eye to look at the back of the cup which will help you consistently get the ball to the hole, helping you to eliminate short putts.

The plastic cup shaped ring fits inside a golf hole with a large bull’s eye target on the back side of the hole. You can’t help but focus on the target.

Having your eyes focused on the back of the cup will help you improve your and consistently getting the ball to the hole. If you do miss, the ball should still be within a foot or two of the hole.

To use, simply press the ring down into the hole and start “ Like A Pro”!

Spend 10-15 minutes on the practice green with the One Putt Bullseye before every round and I’ll bet your will improve. Be the guy in the group, that doesn’t say “Hit the ball” after every putt!

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