OnCore Golf Announces the “Genius Ball”

OnCore Golf Technologies Inc, the Buffalo, New York based company known for ground-breaking innovations in golf ball technology has announced plans for a real “game changer-the Genius Ball.” They are developing the Genius Ball with embedded electronic sensors and measurement systems, including a GPS chip, that will determine a wide range of data for each golf shot. The data includes the distance, flight path, velocity and spin rate, and will communicate over Bluetooth to players’ mobile devices in real time. Beyond  the ability to locate an errant shot anywhere on the course, the Genius Ball will deliver an array of data that OnCore expects will initially include:

  • Time in the Air
  • G force at Impact
  • Angle of Descent
  • Initial Velocity
  • Carry & Roll Distance
  • Degree of Draw or Fade
  • Spin Rate
  • Height Apex

In addition to developing their own proprietary software interface for mobile devices, the company expects to work with other golf app developers to allow the Genius Ball data to be easily integrated with other GPS and course visualization applications.

While a number of companies have attempted to create “smart” golf balls, the exteme g-forces encountered at club-impact are enough to damage or destroy most embedded electronics. OnCore has solved this issue utilizing an advancement of its patented hollow metal core technology. Creating a protective housing that will not interfere with the performance or feel of the golf ball, the engineering team at OnCore is confident that golfers will be very impressed with playability of its new unique ball. The “Genius Ball” project was accelerated following the receipt of OnCore’s U.S. patent in August 2017, which describes one of several approaches to the protective shell. OnCore expects to demonstrate a prototype of the Genius Ball at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in January and begin shipments the second quarter of the year.

“From our very first days, we have focused on creating unique products that deliver performance, enjoyment and encourage golfers to play this great game.” states Bret Blakely, OnCore Golf co-founder. “Earlier this year we introduced our first ever tour ball, the Elixir, and the player response has been overwhelming. We hear from customers every day bragging about the great results they are achieving with the new ball. The intent  of the Genius is to provide data that helps golfers understand their performance on the course in real time to help them become better golfers. We are confident that what a launch monitor can do for a golfer on the driving range is what the Genius Ball will do on every hole and every shot. Golfers crave technology and information and our new “Ball with a Brain” will deliver both.”

OnCore Golf is providing golfers an opportunity to become the first to experience the product through their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. All participants will be notified when the Genius Ball is ready to ship and have priority in placing orders for the initial production run. To learn more about about the Genius Ball Project, please visit GeniusBall.com.


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