By: Kay McMahon

Why a golf glove? And why only one? What can the glove tell you?

The golf glove can be and is a valuable piece of equipment for several reasons.

The leather glove is tackier than the human skin. Therefore that texture helps to create less squeezing or pressure.

The golf grip on the club itself is designed as a bell shape with the end larger tapering down the shaft. The lead hand which is wearing the glove is on the larger or butt end of the club. As the swing from the top starts down, the golf glove and the shape of the grip itself create a natural resistance. This pulling effect or resistance creates less conscious hand pressure which allows more strength or power to be in the swing itself. The result should be a smoother fluid swing or less “hitting” at the ball.

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The leather glove works much like the principles of what is called a “Chinese Finger Trap” which Wiki-pedia defines it as: “The finger trap is a mechanism that converts tension force by pulling away or in the opposite direction along the tube that creates a natural compression force across the tube through the braids. The applied force causes a structural transition. Another similar biological mechanism which ”strengthens” with applied force is known as a ”catch-bond”.

The glove and the shape of the grip creates the natural “catch-bond” as the swing transitions from the top of the swing toward the golf ball.

It looks cool. When putting, most players (not all) take the glove off and tuck it in the back pocket. It looks cool, dangling as you walk that putt in with a slight fist pump.

“Who or what dunnit? What are the clues?

If your glove is wearing out in various spots – one of two things are evident. The glove is too loose which can create blisters. “The glove should fit like a glove.” A trite saying, but true. Get the best cabretta leather for softness and good feel.

Secondly, more importantly, wearing out the glove on the thumb and heel of the hand are major clues of swing errors that can be corrected. If your grip comes off the club at the top of the swing creating excess wear and a loss of 25% of power. The next clue to holes in the glove is “flipping” at impact as the clubhead passes your hands producing another power leak and inconsistent contact.

The glove – can tell you “Who dunnit?” Next, we should talk about swing flaws and corrections.

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