Sun Mountain Motor Sports, an affiliate of industry leading golf bag, push cart and outerwear company, Sun Mountain Sports, unveiled a new, single-rider, electric golf cart at the 2019 Show. The new golf cycle, called FinnCycle, promises to add exhilaration and speed up pace of play while being stable and easy to ride.

I had an opportunity to test the FinnCycle at Lake Nona the Monday before the Show and it is an easy-rider, carrying your golf bag between your legs, with large tires that won’t put tracks in the course. It will speed up play substantially because each player will have his own cycle and not have to wait for his cart partner to play before going to his/her ball. All I needed was some “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf playing and I would have been in my element. Trade that cap in for helmet. Go Finncycling. It is a fun cycle!

“Because it is so unique, people have objections based upon their experience. Instead of debating these concerns, I just ask them to ride it. The new experience speaks for itself and objections are forgotten,” said Rick Reimers, founder of Sun Mountain Sports and Motor Sports headquartered in Missoula, Montana.

Finncycle is a two-wheeled cycle with an electric motor and lithium battery offering 36 holes of play on a single charge. The cycle has front and rear suspension for a comfortable ride. The golf bag sits along the center-line of the cycle offering easy club access and stability. It has hydraulic disc brakes. FinnCycle will be sold to golf courses with an innovative revenue-sharing model that reduces the upfront cost to the course. It operates via a proprietary app that unlocks the cycle for use and collects usage fee in a hassle-free transaction. FinnCycle will be begin arriving at golf courses in Spring 2019.

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