Clear Golf is pleased to announce that Charl Schwartzel, the 2011 and 2016 Valspar Champion, will open his 2020 season with the new Clear golf ball. Schwartzel teed up with the Clear ball in his home country at the South African Open this week and will make his US debut with Clear on the TOUR in February using the Clear and representing the Clear Golf brand.

“I’m truly excited to be playing the Clear ball this season,” noted Schwartzel, who has 24 worldwide wins to his credit. “The ball is extremely precise and performs beyond expectations. I feel a remarkable competitive advantage with the Clear ball. I’m thrilled to be joining the Clear team and look forward to many successful years playing Clear.”

Ed Brown, Chairman of Clear Golf, is convinced that Schwartzel and the Clear ball are a terrific match. “The Clear Golf commitment to excellence and peak performance gets no stronger validation than having one of the great talents of golf choose to put our ball in play. Our partnership with Charl marks an exciting time for Clear Golf. He will be an outstanding ambassador for our brand and we are confident the Clear ball will give Charl the maximum competitive advantage on tour.”

Clear Golf is the producer of the most exclusive golf ball on the market. The brand’s tagline, “Engineered for Perfection,” is a nod to the company’s uncompromising dedication to quality, precision and performance. Clear’s straightforward mission is to use the finest materials and most advanced to create the world’s best performing golf ball, regardless of price. Notable celebrity golfers who have embraced the ball include Chris Lane, Jorge Posada, Jeremy Roenick, Tino Martinez, Ivan Lendl, Sterling Sharpe and others.

Clear offers two tour level golf balls; “CS” for Controlled Spin, and “ES” for Enhanced Spin. Both balls combine a proprietary core with a best-in-class cast urethane cover. The logo featured on the ball was created by Chairman Brown and was unveiled in February. For more information, visit or follow Clear Golf on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.