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March Madness: The time of year when productivity plummets and “Cinderella” references hit an annual high. The Madness starts this week. You can’t explain the Madness, so just sit back and enjoy it by joining the March Madness Bracket for a chance to win some incredible prizes. It’s Free to Play.

Just Click the Play Now Button and Sign Up to Create your Bracket. Make your selections of the teams you think will win each tournament game from the first round all the way through the championship game. You’ll get points for each game you pick correctly, with the points increasing during each round of the tournament.

Brackets close Thursday at 12PM EST, so get your picks in now!

Prizes will awarded to the top finishers in the Bracket. First Place will get to pick one prize from any of the prizes, Second Place will then get to pick and so forth until all prizes have been distributed.

Sign up Now and Make Your Picks on’s March Madness Bracket (FREE TO PLAY)

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