L2 MOI MAXX- The ‘Big Muscle’ Putter- Size Does Matter

Controlling the putter is difficult for most PGA Tour pros, especially coming down the stretch when the pressure is on and they’re in a position to win. This became evident during the final round of the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village as the leaderboard got tight and tension mounted before Jason Dufner made a fist pumping 32-footer to save par, surviving the elements, and ultimately winning Sunday evening 6/4/2017.

Sir Nick Faldo, six-time major champion and CBS golf analyst commented in the moment, “you’ve got to rock your shoulders and take the putter straight back, and straight through.” Peter Kostis, famed golf instructor and CBS on-course analyst, followed with, “you just need to keep the big muscles moving.”

Enter the ‘Big Muscle’ Putter- the L2 MOI MAXX. Golf is finally evolving from the tee box to the putting green. The physics-based features and principles of today’s 460cc metal drivers and the L2 MOI MAXX are exactly the same. Size and mass matter. The L2 MOI MAXX mallet has the highest moi of any putter on the market. It provides golfers with the most solid , gravity-fed and easy to control putting stroke that enhances their ability to sink more putts and shoot lower scores.

The proof is in the science and numbers. The L2 has a head weight of 620 grams compared to an average putter at 340 grams. The toe to heel dimensions are 6.25 inches versus 3.5 to 4 inches for an average putter. The sweet zone measures 3.5 inches compared to an average sweet spot on most putters of only .7 inches. Back in the day, the original Big Bertha Driver was a shocking 190cc. We’ve come a long way baby. Size does matter and the L2 MOI MAXX ‘Big Muscle’ mallet putter is worth its weight in lower scores.

“The L2 engages the big muscles which promotes your shoulders to rock, creating a true pendulum stroke,” said John Ambrose, President of L2 Putters. “It dramatically improves a golfer’s tempo, stroke size for distance control and eliminates that ‘yippy’ feeling in the fingers, hands and wrists.”

The closer golfers get to the hole, the tenser and more nervous they become about making contact with the ball. This requires a high level of concentration that even tour pros struggle with and accounts for the “claw” grip and various other methods professionals use to try to improve their stability and control.

“The L2 MOI MAXX assists in relaxing the need to make solid putter/ball contact and allows putting to be a one target sport- the cup,” adds Ambrose. The L2 is a simple fix for one of putting’s biggest problems- misses.”

The new L2 MOI MAXX putter was launched at the recent 27th Annual International Network of Golf Spring Conference at World Golf Village, St. Augustine, Florida in May. The innovative design was recognized as one of the “Best Putters for 2016” by PGA.com amongst numerous other awards and accolades.

L2 Putters LLC was founded in 2007 and is the design innovation John Ambrose, a retired commercial airline pilot of more than 25 years for United Airlines. He is a certified USGTF( United States Golf Teachers Federation) instructor and a certified Vector Green reading instructor. Art Colasanti, Director of L2 Sales, is a PGA Quarter Century Club Class A Member. The company is located in Ohio.

For more information or to order the L2 MOI MAXX, visit L2Putters.com or call John at 440-228-9593.

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