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by | May 21, 2019 | PRO SHOP

I recently received an Angles & Curves Shortsleeve Top and a Spring Forward Golf Skort from Kinona, a collection of designer golf clothing started in 2018 by partners Dianne Celuch and Tami Fujii in Pacific Palisades, California. Combining their years of experience in the apparel, technology and retail world and working with world-renowned designer Jarlath Merrett, they made it their mission to save women from the unflattering clothes that have plagued women’s golf fashion far too long. Because no matter her shape or size, every female golfer deserves to feel great doing what she loves.

Kinona is pronounced- kay-no-nah, and means ‘shape’ in Hawaiian. And that is what I got and love. The skort had mesh breathable shorts allowing for ventilation and a ‘cooler’ golfer, which will make for a much more comfortable round once the heat and humidity find their way to Florida. The abstract design with colors of black, white and light brown were flattering and perfect for hiding a ‘women’s flaws.’ The diagonal placement of the cut outs enhanced my look to a pleasing figure.

The updated top with sleeves that flip open-a nice touch not found in others. The back fell lower than the front and can hide those ‘behind’ issues. The zipper on the front can be raised to make it a turtleneck, or when opened the top folds to a flattened form collar to allow for more cooling.

The combination of top and skort were very pleasing and chic. Even if I didn’t win the competition, I scored points for looking the best. The Italian made fabrics were tasteful and felt expensive. They use moisture wicking materials to reduce perspiration and their 4-way stretch insures maximum comfort and style. All of their apparel are made with UPF 50 protection woven in to the fabric to insure protecting us from 98% of the harmful UV rays. One of the best things is they wash and dry outstandingly well and looked brand new again and again.

Definitely give Kinona a try. Check out the Summer Collection at


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