It’s Fathers Day – Give Underwear For Men

In case you haven’t noticed lately, men’s underwear is finally evolving. Goodbye tighty whities, boxers and discount store brands- men’s underwear has become a serious performance and innovative fashion segment.

Underwear For Men (UFM) CEO John Polidan, a retired GM automotive engineer, launched UFM in 2013. As a consumer, John had been searching for years to find athletic underwear offering support that would last, and keep the man parts from chafing.

Polidan likes to stay active and suffered from a hydrocele which caused discomfort and chafing when he stood or walked. After
trying every brand on the market, he saw the opportunity for innovation in an industry that desperately needed it.

UFM Underwear, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, is designed for men who want comfort and support that is built to last. UFM’s adjustable pouch is designed with a drawstring to offer hammock-like support. The patent pending pouch adjusts to create a custom fit that prevents skin-on-skin contact and the need to readjust while you’re playing golf or any sport. The drawstrings create a comfy pouch that isolates, supports and lifts. The soft breathable fabric wicks away perspiration and helps prevent chafe.

Golf is often played in hot and humid condition, particularly in the Southeast USA, Texas and the Caribbean. UFM Underwear is breathable and moisture wicking to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the round. Designed for maximum maneuverability and mobility, golfers can move freely through every swing. Simply tie your adjustable pouch drawstring and it stays in place whether you are sweating, playing in the rain or in cold weather.

Underwear For Men is stylish, comfortable and even customizable. UFM is doctor recommended and provides many medical benefits as well. The company has received more than 3,000 five-star product reviews from customers recounting how UFM
has”changed their lives.”

This Father’s Day, upgrade the underwear in your man’s life with Underwear For Men. The hammock-like design works better than a jockstrap or compression shorts. No matter what level of activity your man prefers, UFM Underwear is designed to keep him cool, comfortable and supported. It is a lot better gift than a tie or a dozen golf balls. He will love you more for it.

UFM is available in seven colors and retails for $24.95. Available in briefs, short boxer(3″), standard(6′), long(9″) and Big & Tall sizes up to 58″ waist. To  order use Father’s Day promo code:UFM4DADGOLF, and receive 20% off per pair.

About UFM

Underwear For Men was founded with the mission to distribute functional and stylish men’s underwear, UFM designs the innovative men’s underwear technology available today. Underwear For Men is sold online throughout the world, and in select retailers in the United States, including green grass shops, off-site pro-shops, sporting goods and high end mens wear stores.

To order call 866-521-1118 or visit UFMunderwear.com


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